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La Paz Community School

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  • Location: Brasilito
  • Address 1: 400 Metros Este de la Entrada al Proyecto Mar Vista
  • Address 2: Guanacaste, Costa Rica
  • Phone: 2654-6087

La Paz Community School’s core curriculum, based on International Baccalaureate, US and Costa Rican standards and benchmark.

La Paz Community School’s assessment focuses on process as well as product in student development of knowledge, attitude and skills.

Students are responsible for creating assessment portfolios with samples of student work, student and group reflection, and student self-assessment in addition to teacher and peer feedback.

Preschool assessment is primarily narrative, and kindergarten –12th grades include both numerical evaluation, narrative assessment and portfolios. Across grade levels, student work and social development is assessed with a grading rubric from zero to four (0: No Evidence, 1: Emerging, 2: Developing, 3: Proficient, 4: Exemplary).

At the secondary level (grade 6-12) final trimester grades include a personalized comment from each teacher, a behavior/effort grade, and an academic grade based on the students’ ability to understand and apply the content as per Bloom’s Taxonomy. During progress reports the two grades are combined for one general report.

Phone: 2654-6087