Bus Travel

Costa Rica's efficient and well organized public bus system provides the most inexpensive and popular method of travel throughout the country. The vast road system makes virtually every region of Costa Rica accessible by bus.


Recently, several transportation companies have acquired more modern, air conditioned buses for use on long trips, or for the most frequently traveled routes. Some local bus services, however, rely on older more conventional school buses.

For a schedule of Buses from Potrero to Santa Cruz go here. For the most accurate bus information, visit the ICT office in San Jose or Liberia, as detailed bus schedules and maps are readily available.

From major cities, all buses depart either from terminals or from streetside. In Potrero, the bus can be picked up at the central square near the supermarket, or at the main crossroad between Surfside and Flamingo. Any of the locals can give directions and approximate times.

Depending on your destination and time of travel, we recommend that you arrive early to purchase your tickets, particularly during weekend travel. The most popular destinations have hourly departures.

As always, travel lightly and keep an eye on your belongings, especially during rest stops and scheduled stops. Generally speaking, the bus system is quite organized and runs close to schedule. However, expect cramped seats, frequent manoeuvres to avoid pot-holes, dusty dirt roads and the unanticipated breakdown.

The drive from San Jose is remarkably scenic and takes approximately 4-5 hours depending on traffic and construction. For group bookings or transport we recommend the following operators:

Interbus Phone: 506-2283-5573 Fax: 506-2283-7655