This map shows the main route to Playa Potrero from the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia. This route is newly paved and takes around 60 minutes depending on traffic and road conditions. The route passes through: Comunidad, Filadelfia, Belin, Huacas, Brasilito, and into Potrero.



A shorter 1/2 paved route, takes about 45 minutes, passing through Comunidad, Sardinal, Nuevo Colon and into Potrero. The shorter route is known locally as the Monkey Trail (Congo Trail). The Monkey Trail is the well used short cut between Coco & Potrero. You'll cross a small river and a few streams depending on the season and rainfall. At certain times, for instance during the green season, a four wheel drive is a really good idea and could be necessary.

There are times during heavy rains when the river should not be crossed. If it's your first visit take the longer route unless you have a driver that knows the way.