Horseback Riding
If you visit Guanacaste province in Costa Rica, it doesn't take long to know this is horse country. Travel down any road and you are sure to see a local cowboy on horseback traveling along the roadside or working in a local field.

113217Throughout the province, numerous annual local fiestas feature horse parades, bull roping and riding competions for local riders.

There are several local operators running horseback riding tours here in our area. Tours are led by experienced riders and the horses are well trained.

If you plan to ride on the beach call about your trip in advance so they can recommend a time when the tide is low. Although the beach here has lots of room at high tide it can be busy. Please wear long pants and comforable shoes or boots (No sandals please).


Beach rides, mountain trails, or combination tours lasting 1-3 hours, provide an excellent opportunity to view some spectacular scenery and take in some local wildlife. Howler monkeys, massive iguanas, and breathtaking views from atop some of Costa Rica's finest horses. A definite great memory of Guanacaste for the whole family.

For reservations call us at 8985-8471

Moreno2010-042Sr. Marvin Moreno operates BoMar Tours from his stable here in Potrero. He is the most experienced in the area and offers well trained horses for both beginners and for more experienced riders. A must for anyone looking for a great morning or afternoon activity in Potrero.

For reservations call 8985-8471 or 8815-6044

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